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Sales Outsourcing

– Do you have Luxury / Premium products?
– Would you flood the market with it in 3 months?
– Do your current solutions cost you too much?
– Does it take your sales team too long or they „simply” cannot make it?

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English-EVO ®

(USA, UK English course )

Proficiency exam? Not marketable
– Letters in English? Not marketable

– Negotiate / Sign contracts with UK / USA natives? – The only marketable

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Since 1998 in the Hungarian market and since 2017 in the Western EU market. We worked: in the automotive industry / real estate / FMCG and in a few other gamechanger industries. Our clients are such companies that strive for a life-long (business) relationship with their customers. Not for one-time sale

We are one of the few “consulting companies” who have actually done (are still doing) what we help other companies do better. 

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Why to choose us?

24 years of experience. 281 companies worked with. 3748 sales reps.
Starksil-Tech® Results Coaching.

Since 1998, successful works in 9 other industries as well.
UK, AU and now in Hungary.

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Pro Bono meeting

First meeting is free of charge. 

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Turn to us. With trust.

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