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Sales Outsourcing

– Do you have a Premium or Luxury product range?
– Would you saturate the market with it in 3 months?
– Does it cost you too much from your own budget?
– Does it take your sales team too long or they cannot make it at all?

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English-EVO ®

Super-fluent English
(USA, UK native)
– Proficiency exam? – Not relevant
– Letters in English? – Not relevant

– Negotiate, sign contracts – with UK, USA natives – Can you? – The only relevant

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Operating in Western EU since 2017 and as of now in the Hungarian market as well. Since 1998, we have had successful companies in other industries. We sign contracts with large companies with 1,700 employees and even with micro-enterprises with less than 10 employees.

Automotive industry, real estate, FMCG, energy sector, heavy industry, construction industry, exclusive event organization, clothing industry, sports industry, international diplomacy – our clients report at least 20% increase in revenue due to our work. 

Starksil Coaching is not “an” investment. It’s “the” investment.

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Why to choose us?

Our clients’ feedback: Most “coaching” companies are “room-scientists”. They have no practical business experience. Teachers, psychologists, HR people work for them. A few years earlier they were training/ consulting firms.
We have had companies in other industries since 1998. We – Do as well – what we’re talking about. 22 years of – Practical – business experience in 10 industries.

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Pro Bono personal consultation

First meeting is free of charge. Feel free to contact us. 

Tel.: +36 30 433 2192

Look forward to it.

Starksil Consulting Group


Feel free to contact us.

Address: H-1141, Budapest, Szugló u. 82.
Tel.: +36 30 433 2192
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