What is Coaching - In Fact?

In USA since 1960. In Hungary since 2001.
– Need more new customers? Higher revenue?
Solution: Result-coaching.
(Not to be confused with: training / consulting / “classic” coaching)

Global financial crisis? – Every 14 years it turns up.
Now CoVid, Russia-Ukraine war, energy market crisis.
(But there was the 2008 Mortgage Crisis, H1N1, Bird Flu, etc.)
They have one thing in common: their losers and winners are always the same.
The only solution of winners’ is result-coaching.
Pikers keep trying the other three mentioned above.

Training / consulting / classic coaching?
– Theoretical, generalized, good-for-everybody contents.
It’s not about (how to solve) your own specific problems.
(During live market testing, it produces different results. Thus it is rarely put into daily operation by clients)
If you’ve ever participated in such, you know what this is about.

– It is practical, and can be measured by numbers.
It’s about: What is 1) a good and 2) a better solution to your day-to-day, concrete problems.
(Proven successful business people do this)
Apple, Facebook and Google do regularly use it. Now you have the opportunity too.

It is a special technology. It was created to adapt the changes caused by the crisis in a complex way and
inspite of them it is to make the company financially profitable in a special way, which uses it.

For those who act, we can help.
For those who ruminate long, we cannot.

Good now gets Better
Starksil Group