What is Coaching - In Fact?

– Important misunderstandings –
– Coaching is neither counsulting nor training.
– Starksil Coaching is not psychotherapy. The latter is achieved by the specialized healthcare service in sterile, laboratory circumstances.

Coaching derives from the USA. There, a financial crisis has always turned up every 18 years on average for the last 250 years. Thus they have massive practical experience in Solving Problems. What is its result? 1) They know exactly – How – to react. 2) They never solve problems alone. 3) Each leader selects the best (!) Coach for himself. This is the reason why the U.S.A. is a Superpower. And this too is why Hungary is not.

What’s the current status of Coaching in Hungary in 2020?

1) Since the ’90s has our state allowed anyone to thrive. Thus it traces back only to 30 years.
2) Our customers’ feedback, they have worked with hundreds of companies which have deceived them unluckily. Training or consulting was sold to them as “coaching”.
3) In their experience 95% of “coaches” are theoretical experts i.e. “room scientists”.
4) They often say they are fed up with consultings and trainings.
5) Massive difficulty: COVID emergency since early 2020.

– Important misunderstanding – Coaching is neither consulting nor training.

What is a training? Fixed topic presentation. It lasts for several hours. You have to sit through all of it.
Advantages: useful or “entertainment” for career starters or workforce before retraining.
Disadvantages: 1) Fixed topic, discussion is not possible 2) Describes theoretical notions, general issues. It’s not about your special case e.g. on Monday from 8 am to 5 pm What to do and How to do it 3) Contents: not the lecturer’s own experience. Instead cut from several already known books 4) It does not fit your corporate culture. 5) It doesn’t correspond to your leaders’ individual interests.
What gets accomplished from it in your company? – 0-10%.

What is consulting? Few issues, discussion is rare, scripted in advance.
Advantage: More personal than a training.
Disadvantage: The discussed issues are merely general, scripted. It is still not about your own (!) personal daily problems.
What gets accomplished from it in your company? – 0-30%.

What is Coaching? Provides a Ready-to-Use Solution to your own personal daily problems. What and How it needs to be done by each coworkers of yours hour-to-hour every single weekday. What is the Coach doing? – Asking special, in-depth questions. Such ones you have never asked yourself. You then make a step-by-step decision – Optimal for Yourself – taking into account all of your own corporate and private circumstances, colliding with your own pro-contra causes and effects from A to Z. This is how a good Coach will guide you to the Overall Best solution. You will have no more “Yes, but…” answer here. Because you have already gone through all of them by yourself.
Advantages: 1) It provides answers to your own flesh-and-blood situations: specifically “What-How-When-Where” to Do 2) It solves high income company problems which have been existing for several years. Once and for all.
Disadvantage: it has no profit if the customer 1) distorts 2) holds back info about his own circumstances 3) wants a superficial solution.
What gets accomplished from it in your company? – 70-100%

Who needs coaching?
All business owners and managers (top, middle, first-line, team leading) in the private sector, competitive industry.

Because if you were able to solve it, you would have done that so far. But you do know: you are completely alone. “Helping hands” coming from within the company, or externally, or even outsourcing are just fumes.

Who’s a Coach? typically former HR people, psychologists, teachers.
Who’s the Good Coach? A businessman who Does what he talks/ asks about. Every day, profitably. Thus he is the one, who is competent.
Additional skills: 1) high-performance business experience 2) high-level communication 3) ability to ask well (!) and goal-oriented 4) high-performance business psychology

Who benefits from Starksil Coaching?
Investment-minded business leaders. This is not a “plain” education or training. The Starksil Coaching doesn’t give you “academic/presentation” studies or knowledge. Instead it makes you own spec. high-performance practical skills.
With this, not only – can – you but – shall – you bring back the profitability of your company. This the reason why we have become one of the leading coaching companies in Central Europe. Your ROI on Starksil Coaching is 6-31 times. Our customers report min. 20% percent revenue increase after 6 months of cooperation with us. It is stand-alone not only in EU but World Wide.

Don’t forget – “What you cannot measure by financial numbers does not exist.”

2020 – Office Coaching v. Online Coaching
Owing to the current pandemic situation, we provide our services in the following forms:

1) We go out to customer’s office, home office
2) Video Coaching
3) Telephone Coaching

Coronavirus pandemic
Life does not stop. At economic expansion it is not a big deal to rise and shine.
At economic crisis, recession, pandemic, quarantine? – That time who grows is worth paying attention to.
Despair? Survive? vs. How do we get out of it profitably?
If you strive for the latter, we are the ones who can help.
If you don’t have long-term vision, we cannot help you unfortunately.
From us you will receive such financial result that no other company in Hungary can give you.

Our business is not about turning losers into winners.
Our business is about helping winners win a lot more.

The Best or Nothing

Starksil Consulting Group