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English-EVO ®

Super-Fluent English
(USA-UK native)

– Proficiency exam? Not relevant.
Writing letters in English? Not relevant.

Can you negotiate, enter into a contract with – native English speakers?
– That is relevant.

1) How much do you understand USA / UK pronunciation?
2) How similar is your pronunciation and speech rate to theirs?
3) At what level are you on economic, legal, technical issues?
4) In depth or superficially?
5) How fluently or full of “uh” moaning-stuttering?
6) Correctly or full of grammatical errors?

Very few are able to bring this at the marketable (!) level. Besides native British and Americans it is rare who speak – at this level – English. But now at last you will succeed. It’s not that you “can” succeed You “will” succeed. How? Using the one the only method. This is the English-EVO. With this your company will make a massive profit. Regardless of industrial sector. Are you among many bidders as an entrepreneur? Or are you one of the applicants from several hundreds for a good job? – With your English-EVO speaking skills you will stand out high and be chosen from the mass. Because what is the most important of all? Verbal communication. At this, with your would-be English-EVO Spec. Skills you will be far the best.

What is English-EVO about?

A special method. We brought it from the UK. 27 years of development in the background. No need to worry: We don’t use classic language school methods. Our customers come to us from them. Their opinion about them are rather deplorable. It’s not rare our clients have previously attended even 30 (!) language schools. They spent years and several million HUF. Without tangible improvement.

However, using the English-EVO method, we get them to the level mentioned above in 3-6 months. Even from zero.
What will the result be? You will be able to conduct sharp business negotiations and contracts.
Even Alone.
Even with British / Americans.
Even with unprecedented fluency, native pronunciation.
At the highest level, they will believe you are also British / American.
Who can take you to this level in Hungary besides us? Nobody. 

Our Clients:

Business owners who can expand into foreign markets with this method
Top managers who can lead overall regions internationally
Top, middle and lower level managers who can work efficiently in foreign-owned companies

Final Result:

After 3-6-month-individual preparation
Minimum 1.4 million HUF v. 5.000 EUR monthly salary
In the USA, Europe or Asian country
If Language Exam is the goal: IELTS, TOEFL, Proficiency Exam in any institution

Since 1998, 2877 customers.
The Best or Nothing
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