Starksil Group

English-EVO ®

(USA-UK native)

For real communication only / building Business relationships.
In live / prompt situations.
In Economic / Technical / Legal / Medical topics.
For business negotiations / signing contracts.
In 3-6 months. Even from zero knowledge.
With Native (USA / UK / AUS) English speakers.
(Not only with studied-English speakers)

For everything else there are the language schools / private teachers.
(Writing English letters / collecting language certificates, etc.)



A special method. We patented it from the UK. 27 years of massive development in the background.
2877 customers since 1998. Few (!) people speak English at this level. 

Our Clients:

– Business owners (they can expand to foreign markets this way)
– Top managers (they can manage regions internationally this way)
– Upper-, middle- and lower-level managers (for foreign-owned companies, they can do their work effectively this way)
– Economic / Legal / Technical / Medical specialists (chance of being hired for an EU / USA position with an annual salary of over €82,000)

Good now gets Better
Starksil Group