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From 2020 Corona virus.
From 22 Russia-Ukraine war.
Oil / natural gas / electricity supply questionable.
The production and delivery of cars / construction materials / technical devices delayed for years.

Many companies go bankrupt.
But you see these too
The situation is not easy at all (to say it nicely).

Request training / consulting / “classic” coaching.
There are hundreds of them across the country. Somehow none of them guarantee a numerically tangible result.
How will they end?  Your company’s sales revenue will remain the same in the best case. More often, unfortunately, it keeps falling.
What will you get instead? – Johari window, Adenauer cross, Metamodel, etc.
What is it to do with flesh-and-blood real life situations on a daily basis?  Unfortunately, not much.


Ask from us company-tailored Starksil-Tech® Result-coaching.
(Even in case of remote management and home-office work)
Thus, in 6 months, a new period shall begin for your company:

1) – Your co-workers will get 28% more new contracts signed at the end of business meetings. (This fewer “Thank you, we’ll get back to you later”)
2) – With new customers. (Not only with the current ones)

Despite the fact that many market players 
are in serious financial crisis.
This works.

For those who act, we can help.
For those who ruminate long, we cannot.

Good now gets Better
Starksil Group