Adult Mentoring

It has become rather hard.
Hard. Almost impossible.
Worldwide saying:

“What our parents failed in our first 15 years is what we keep trying to fix in the next 50.”

But no one is to blame.
Everyone makes a mistake. We are human beings.
However, the responsibility is now yours.
You are an adult man / woman. You are supposed to be able to stand on your two feet and move forward. On your own.

Many people think – as an objective right – they are entitled to being loved, to various financial benefits, discounts, caring, provision.
Obviously they are mistaken.
Firstly we have to give / create this to ourselves. Namely making the effort to do it. The one who expects this from someone else waits a long time. Superfluously. He becomes emotionally unstable, keeps chasing false ideas, bouncing “from one mate to another”. Meanwhile (s)he is getting stuck financially, in life standard, way of thinking, life quality – and starts falling, declining. This makes him sick in health more and more often, starts falling behind and getting lost once and for all. Heart attack, cancer, etc.

Do you still want to:

1) be uncertain and afraid of everything that you would, of course, loudly hide and refuse, but your results would definitely show it?
2) be day-dreaming a lot, accomplish little of it, thus you would be frustrated, disillusioned, and would get sick more and more often?
3) even at the age of 40 live with your parents – at the age of 50 you would live in sublet?
4) have a cash reserve for barely 3 months? Continuous and growing debt? Would you live in a constant shortage of money and deprivation?
5) not choose public transport? – you would have no other option.
6) be unable to make and maintain a lasting, perspective relationship?
7) or “everything-is-okay”-type marriage that looks stable but in the wrong sense: “habit” based “existence”? Instead of a Real Love-based relationship?
8) get by “1 step forward 2 steps back” during your career, instead of massively keep moving forward?
9) not have the opportunity to go abroad thus you would not be able to get to know several lifestyles and broaden your horizon?
10) live a monotonously repetitive, frustrated, disillusioned, rhapsodic, dark-viewed, sickening life?
11) be addicted to electronic media sounds, pictures, movies – extreme partner changing sexuality – and harmful passions (cigarette, booze, drugs) – massively damaging your body-health, shortening your life?

Or it would be better if you, as an adult:

1) would stand with two feet on the ground, yet be emotionally enthusiastic?
2) would build your career on your own (without your parents’ helping hand) either as an entrepreneur or as an employee?
3) would move from home, save enough money (not your parents would give it to you) to possess at least 1 quality real estate and vehicle?
4) would develop your emotional world and find a matching self-made, self-guided wife / husband?
5) if unable to find such a mate, you would stay alone (not lonely) happy and not go into struggling, suffering relationships that drag you down, pull you back, hinder or block you?
6) if a problem turned up in everyday life (because it always does), you would solve it alone – or – together with your mate. Loosely and cheerfully. Not fighting, driven by EGO, cranking up each other, overreacting the problem and desperately sinking into it?
7) At the age of 30-40-50, not the divorce lawyers would be made rich by you. On the contrary you would stick to your mate ultimately? You, together would nourish and develop your relationship?
8) would have such friends with whom you together would help each other move forward – you would not drag down, hinder, double-cross each other?
9) On behalf of self-realization, matching your age, you would always find a job / business from which you would not only make a minimal living, but live in welfare and thus help developing and advancing smaller / larger communities in a similar way like you did it?

“Every day we choose – We might win or lose”

– Now Really – it’s time to take the reins. In both hands of yours.
If you procrastinate this (too), the situation will not only “smoothly” get worse.
Your internal tension is becoming more and more powerful. Stress deeper and deeper.
Where does this lead to? – To cancer. Even at the age of 45. Game Over.
You don’t want this, do you?

We don’t want to save anybody.
Everyone needs to want it for themselves first.
Do you want to turn a bullet-wrecked building into a palace?
You first need to fix it on basic level.
We will not keep convincing you “this is so good for you, so beneficial, etc.”
If you you don’t see it for yourself – we cannot help you.
But if – you decided rock-solid, you want (!) to do it,
and the question is not if we should do it and at what cost,
but in which direction and how much your profit will be from it overall.
– Only in this case – can we help you.

Our business is not about turning losers into winners.

Our business is about helping winners win a lot more.

Adult Mentoring
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