Child Coaching


Your kid’s first 10 years? – Dealbreaker / Gamechanger.
It determines – what – adult he / she will become.

1) Confident, conscious man / woman
2) Or insecure, full of fears “kiddo” even at age 50

A plenty of stimuli reach their minds daily. Much (!) more than in your childhood. The internet is the most important. Such contents with no age limit. Moreover, endlessly / self-regenerating. Causing an addiction being extremely hard to give up. 

Quite a lot of parents buy smart phones / tablets for their 4-year-old children. They think: after a hard day, at least peace they deserve. More serious than this, when the parents, setting their own examples, get absorbed in the virtual world of his own [phone / TV / tablet / laptop].

Thus the child’s Perception of Reality changes. The real world becomes much less stimulating, even boring and difficult for the child. For this reason, escaping to the “Always-Happy” / “Light” virtual world that provides constant new stimuli.

Result: The child can barely communicate verbally live. He is unable to create and maintain human relationship. Any challenge (i.e. Improvement Opportunity) he encounters is difficult for him. He stops and gives up everything quickly. Persistence = Zero.

“Let’s take the phone from him.”
(You may feel that there is much more to it, may you not?)

Not to mention that:

bad marks at school
gets into bad company
– cigarettes / drugs / alcohol / underage sex
– obesity / drastic weight loss / negative-pessimistic way of thinking / setting bad goals / false-distorted values
– cuts himself / attempts suicide

Would you be “happy” if your child as an adult:

1) would be insecure and afraid of everything, which of course he would deny loudly, but the results would still show it well?
2) would day-dream a lot, realize little of it, be unhappy due to this, and get ill more and more often?
3) would still live together with you, parents, at age 40 – or – in sublease at age 50?
4) would have cash reserves for merely 3 months? And growing debt? Constant lack of money and misery?
5) would not choose public transport? – But it would be the only option?
6) would be unable to make and keep up a long-term, perspective relationship?
7) would be in a marriage saying “everything-is-okay”, but under the surface it’s a „we got used to each other, so what?” being but not living? Instead of a relationship based on real love?
8) would get stuck in his career, not getting promoted?
9) couldn’t afford to go abroad, thus wouldn’t be able to get to know different lifestyles and broaden his horizon?
10) would live a monotonously repetitive / boring / rhapsodic / unhappy life
11) instead, would succumb to the untrue / unreal / unhealthy “joys” to the flashbacks of virtual electronic world (plus extreme sexuality/ drugs / booze / smoke) ?
12) would be lost unexpectedly because he would take his own life?

It’s not the fate you want for your child, is it?

As an adult, everyone is responsible for their own lives.
Yes, that’s true.
But 95% (!) of the base of adulthood are laid down now – by you, parents.
In the first 10 years. You have one, and only one, chance.
(This cannot be “restarted” like a videogame)

The Bad News is:

90% of adults in 2022 are like the list above.
= = 90% ! = =
This is a very high number.
You don’t want to turn your very own child into such an adult, do you?

Or would it be better if he, as an adult:

1) would stand with two feet on the ground, yet be emotionally rich?
2) would build his career on his own (without your help) either as an entrepreneur or an employee?
3) would move from home, would save (not you would give him) that much in order to be able to buy and keep up at least 1 decent real estate and 1 car?
4) would hone his emotional skills and find a suitable self-made wife / husband?
5) if he couldn’t find such a partner, he would stay alone (not lonely) and be happy and not get into a toxic relationships, which would make him look like a disillusioned poker-face / bulldog-face?
6) if problems would turn up during everyday life (because it always does), would they solve it alone or together with their partner, in a relaxed and cheerful manner, rather than doing an EGO fight, cranking up each other, exaggerating the problem, and sinking into it bitterly?
7) At the age of 30 / 40 / 50, he would not fatten the wallets of divorce lawyers, but he and his partner would stick by each other ultimately? They would baby and develop their relationship, and wouldn’t get indifferent / frustrated in it?
8) he would have such friends with whom they would mutually help each other in order to get progress – and they wouldn’t drag down, hinder, or stab each other in the back?
9) he would always find such a job / business opportunity from which he would not only “make a living somehow”, but Live Affluently and help the development / progress of 1-1 communities into this direction?

“Every day we choose – We might win or lose”

Then Now – it’s time to take the bull by the horns.
If you say “next year / he is still little” or “we’ve also grown up somehow”, then unfortunately the child will become an adult: – just like you now.
– No offense. (Kids copy their parents. Always)
Are you satisfied with your life? – If so, then everything is fine. No professional help is needed. Keep it up.
If, on the contrary, you didn’t use to agree with your parents’ methods (when you were a child), then why would you give the same (!) to your son/daughter 30-40 years later?

We will help.
In life, opportunities which cannot be repeated rarely turn up. But now: It’s such.

If you screw it – Your child will become a piker.

If you ask for our help We will help you nurture him a healthy, financially and emotionally happy person.

Child Coaching
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