Child Mentoring


The first 10 years of your child? – Irreversibly decisive.
It determines – what kind – of adult he/she will become.

– Confident, self-conscious man or woman
– Insecure, full of fears “little boy or little girl” even at the age of 50

Lots of stimuli hit them. Much (!) more than in your childhood.
The internet is the most important. Any contents – any – without selection and age-restriction. What’s more. Endlessly incoming, self-regenerating stimuli which make your child addicted.
Incurable addicted.

Thousands of parents buy a phone or tablet for their merely 4-year-old child. After a hard day, at least you are left alone, in peace. Another even more serious fact when the parents are also immersed in the same way into the virtual world of their own phone–TV–tablet–laptop. Setting “good” example.

This changes the child’s Perception of Reality. The real world becomes much poorer of stimulus, boring and heavy for him. Therefore (s)he escapes to the “always-happy”, light, virtual world which gives them constant new stimuli.

Result: Your child can’t talk face-to-face. Unable to make contacts, relationships and maintain them. Whatever challenge (i.e. Improvement Opportunity) he encounters, finds them extremely heavy. He stops and gives up everything rather very soon. Goal-oriented actions, persistence = Zero.

– Take the phone from him.
You feel the real solution is a lot deeper, don’t you?

Not to mention:
– (s)he has bad results at school
– gets into a bad company
– cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, underage sex
– obesity, negative-dark perception of life, setting bad goals, false–distorted values

Would you be glad if your child as an adult:

1) would be uncertain and afraid of everything that he would, of course, loudly hide and refuse, but his results would definitely show it?

2) would be day-dreaming a lot, accomplish little of it, thus would be frustrated, disillusioned, and would get sick more and more often?
3) even at the age of 40 (s)he would live with you (parents) – at the age of 50 (s)he would live in sublet?
4) would have a cash reserve for barely 3 months? Continuous and growing debt? Would live in a constant shortage of money and deprivation?
5) would not choose public transport? – (S)he would have no other option.
6) would be unable to make and maintain a lasting, perspective relationship?
7) or “everything-is-okay”-type marriage that looks stable but in the wrong sense: “habit” based “existence”? Instead of a Real Love-based relationship?
8) would get by “1 step forward 2 steps back” during his career, instead of massively keep moving forward?
9) would not have the opportunity to go abroad thus would not be able to get to know several lifestyles and broaden his/her horizons?
10) would live a monotonously repetitive, frustrated, disillusioned, rhapsodic, dark-viewed, sickening life?
11) would be addicted to electronic media sounds, pictures, movies – extreme partner changing sexuality – and harmful passions (cigarettes, booze, drugs) – massively damaging his body-health, shortening his life?

Are you sure you want this for your child?

As an adult, everyone is responsible for their own lives.
Yes, that’s true.
But 95% (!) of the base of adulthood are now being created by you (parents).
In the first 10 years. Which cannot be “videogame-restarted” .
You have one, only one chance.

The Bad News is:

90% of adults above age of 25 in 2022 belong to the list above.
= = 90%! = =
This is a very high number.
You don’t want to create such an adult from your own child, do you?

Or it would be better if (s)he, as an adult:

1) would stand with two feet on the ground, yet be emotionall enthusiastic?
2) would build his career on his own (without your helping hand) either as an entrepreneur or as an employee?
3) would move from home, save (not you would give it to him) enough money to possess at least 1 quality real estate and vehicle?
4) would develop his emotional world and find a matching self-made, self-guided wife / husband?
5) if unable to find such a mate, he would stay alone (not lonely) happy and not go into struggling, suffering relationships that pull him down, pull him back, hinder or block him?
6) if a problem turned up in everyday life (because it always does), he would solve it alone – or – together with his mate. Loosely and cheerfully. Not fighting driven by EGO, cranking up each other, overreacting the problem and desperately sinking into it?
7) At the age of 30-40-50, not the divorce lawyers would be made rich. On the contrary he would stick to his mate ultimately? They would nourish and develop their relationship?
8) would have such friends with whom they would help each other move forward – they would not drag down, hinder, double-cross each other?
9) On behalf of self-realization, matching his age, he would always find a job / business from which he would not only make a minimal living, but live in wellfare and thus help developing and advancing smaller / larger communities in a similar way like he did it?

“Every day we choose – We might win or lose”

Now – it’s time to take the reins. In both hands of yours.
If you procrastinate this and keep telling yourself: “Everyone grows up somehow”, then you child will become such an adult like you now.
– No offense. Are you satisfied with your life?
If so, everything is fine. No need for outer help. Just keep going this way.
However if, – you – would do a lot of things differently than your parents used to – now 30-40 years later do you want to give the same (!) to your son / daughter? Or much more?

We are the ones who do help.
There are very few chances in life that will never come up any more.
This is such here and now.

If you screw it – Unfortunately, your child will become a loser.

If you ask for our help – We help nurturing such a person from your child who is healthy, financially and emotionally happy.

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