Career Training

Were you fired from your job? Or did you resign?

Now what to do?

1) Browse online job portals and wait for your “Good Luck”. You then send, while panicking, your resume and motivation letter to all companies in the galaxy. Hoping you may be called from somewhere, somehow. See? This is the way how to ruin your own professional reputation.

2) You talk to your friends. They keep promising if anything comes up they are going to call you right then. Had you better burn the midnight oil until then? – Probably not…

3) You can request a free of charge personal meeting from the employment center or HR companies. You will get to know again how difficult it is to get a job nowadays and you will be notified if…

4) You participate in our Career Training. We will teach you: 1) How to obtain a good job among thousands of other applicants. Not simply waiting for an accidental incoming call. 2) Get various strategic and tactical advice How to obtain top- or middle level jobs with different corporate cultures. 3) You will receive such Spec. High-Performance Skills from us with which you will not only obtain a good job but also keep it. And for long term.

Remember: You can build your career only once.
As well as screw it.
The decision is yours.

The Best or Nothing
Starksil Consulting Group