Public Events and Talks

– For special request – we also give presentations to a large audience.

On topics about which the mass media in many cases have a censored truth – or – communicates a modified reality.
You will have a benefit in only 1 case – an ample benefit – from it?


1) the Truth
2) Without censorship

you want to hear and see.

In the way as nowhere else before.

In this case you will be very glad.
“Finally a company which 1) sees well 2) and dares to tell”-experience you will have.

When not we should be asked for a public presentation?

1) If it is a standard motivational training, motivational presentation is what you desire.
2) If the black-and-white truth offends you, annoys you.

Whoever is like this, unfortunately, lives in a “shrouded, a dream world”.
Sooner or later, of course, comes the awakening.
In this case:
1) either he keeps getting more annoyed. (Apart from this facts remain facts)
2) or he gets really glad about “finally I see behind and through the misty, sugarcoated – or – over-dramatized, deliberately intimidating” cascade of life situations” experience.

Thus in the end you make a massive profit from the whole thing.

Nothing like you have ever lived through before.

Optional topics of our presentations:

All questions and issues found in the Life coaching and Mentoring webmenus. We accept requests for presentatons on these topics.

Some examples without completeness:

1) We study, work, family, child, grandchildren – Do we still feel our lives empty?
2) We chill out, summer holiday, buy real estate-vehicles-devices – A re we still missing something unknown more and more?
3) We live somehow or we live well – Do we still hate what we do and with whom we do it?
4) Husband, wife live side by side, not with each other – Do we still keep cheating on each other?
5) We watch sloshy-slushy emotional movies, soap operas – Do we still have superficial human relationships? – Do we contact each other only when we want them to do us a favour?”
6) We trust each other or sorry, no? – Do we listen to the opinions of our acquaintances more than to our own mate?
7) We pursue happiness and fun – Yet when it happens, do we still have a lemon-bitten, sour face?
8) We want health / beauty – Do we still live a life with massive lack of movement, eat-and-drink everything that comes across?
9) Everything is happy on our social website – Does the face-to-face communication still get frozen quite often?
10) We get married just for fun multiple times – Are we still unwilling to learn what it means to become a Man from a Boy, a Woman from a Girl?
11) Later the “transformation” from a Man to a Father, from a girl to a Mother happens only biologically?
12) We want everything and instantly – Do we still run away from the first problem and get perplexed when every time we step into the same puddle?

Is everything fine this way?
– or –
Do you want a solution to any / all of them above?

Only in the latter case can we help.
That with massive benefit, value in a standalone way.

Public Events and Talks
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