Public Events and Talks

– For request – we also make public presentations.
(But not in the way you’ve been used to)
Does Public Media censor / distort reality?
– We won’t.
In a friendly and kind way – but the truth we are going to tell.
(What goes ’behind the curtains’. What very few know. And what they will tell nobody)

Why is it good for you?

1) Several platforms of life you will see significantly (!) clearer.
2) But you still won’t condemn them – or – fight with them.
(Just because we throw light on it, things won’t change)
3) And you will have a chance to work out an own action-plan. Pro – Contra.
4) You will have an opportunity to discuss it with us. During and after the presentation.

In the way as nowhere else before.

When to ask not us for a public presentation?

1) If your goal is a „standard / traditional” presentation.
2) If you have no sense of humor 🙂

Optional topics:
(Each issue of Life-Coaching)
Some examples:

1) We study, work. Family, child, grandchildren – We still feel our lives are empty. Why?
2) We chill out, go for a summer holiday. We buy real estates-vehicles-devices – We are still missing something more and more. What is that?
3) We get by or live well – Why do we still hate what we do and with whom we do it?
4) Husband, wife live beside each other, not with each other – Why do we still keep cheating on each other?
5) We watch sloshy-slushy emotional movies, soap operas – But we still have superficial human relationships. Why?
6) Why do we contact each other only when we want them to do us a favour?
7) We trust each other or sorry, no? – Why do we listen to our acquaintances’ opinions more than to our own wife’s / husband’s?
8) We pursue happiness and fun – Yet when it happens to us, why do we still have a lemon-bitten, sour face?
9) We want health – Yet we still live a life with massive lack of movement, eat-and-drink everything without conscious selection. – Why?
10) “Everything is happy” on our social website – Yet why does the face-to-face communication still get frozen quite often?
11) In the first 2 years 87% of the new marriages end up with divorce – How can we reduce it?
12) We get married just for fun (multiple times) – Why is it hard to learn what it means to become a Man from a Boy / a Woman from a Girl?
13) Later the “transformation” from a Man to a Father / from a Woman to a Mother happens only biologically. Why?
14) We want everything instantly – Of course we run away from the first problem. Then we get utterly perplexed why we have no progress in anything. What is the solution for it?

Is everything fine this way?
– or –
Do you want a solution to any / all of them above?

Only in the 2nd case can we help.
With massive benefit, value for you.
This works.

Good now gets Better
Starksil Group