Coaching, training there are many of them. The Starksil Group, however, does know (!) what they’re doing.
Even in CoVid hard time.
Grateful I am. Without them we would not be where we are now. Thanks are in order.

Arthur J.

(dep. man. dir. – multinat. furniture ind., London, UK)

English EVO is the first educational / learning system related to English language learning that makes sense and is worth spending money on.
The number of language courses that do not provide tangible results in practice (because I don’t dare speak / can’t speak) is endless. I have done many of these so far. However, with English EVO, I started speaking “without stomach cramp” in 3 months, which I couldn’t / didn’t dare to do for 20 years with traditional techniques. Glad I found it.

dr. Gégény A.

(logistics dir. – oil industry)

Despite our many years of experience, we have often mistaken personal likability for real skills. We have already participated in many types of trainings. However, they were of little practical use. Unlike them with the help of Starksil HR coaching, we managed to hire more and more employees of stable and long-term high-performing kind. Owing to this the support of the two foreign owners is also increasing due to the growth of revenue.

Illés D.

(HR dir. – facility management)

English-EVO. What can it be compared to? To nothing in Hungary. It’s like I would have moved to a native US / UK area for 3 months. This is what Starksil Group can provide in homeland. Many people used to say that I would never learn to speak English fluently in Hungary. This situation has now changed ‘a little’. Thank you very much, English-EVO.

Ternácz K.

(financial dir.– multin. car leasing)

For years I dwelled on if I would be good enough. I had a business idea, but I kept putting it off. I read a lot of books. I watched a lot of videos about cool entrepreneurs. But I just couldn’t start. Of course, I got involved in everything else. But not with my start-up business. At the age of 34, my wife said she wanted a divorce. We have 2 children. And unfortunately I couldn’t save it. 
1.5 years after this I was recommended the Starksil Group at an event. We started their adult coaching. At last I said. It worked. 10 months have passed since then and I started my long-awaited small machine manufacturing company. We are making good progress. Thanks for it. I do recommend Szilárd’s Co.

Darvas P.

(company leader – machine manufacturing)

English-EVO classes are much more efficient than anywhere I’ve studied so far. I like that we put a lot of emphasis on the development of skills of fluent speech and time is not wasted on written fluff. Fluency, pronunciation, etc. everything I need for live speaking.

Osváth G.

(key account man. – accountancy)

I wouldn’t have thought. Throughout decades after so many company trainings such a method still exists which results in this much proaction in our company. This is what Mr. Miczán and the Starksil Result-Coaching dared us. Many thanks.

Eric B.

(man. dir. dep.– constr. ind., London, UK)

Why always the X-factor singing and peacocking in front of the mirror?
My wife and I asked each other.
Well, this is not what she sees from us. She’s only 12. Already at this age she’s swaggering instead of studying. I don’t believe in hocus-pocus gurus, but the situation was really getting worse.
We discussed it with Judit: Petra does need professional help. What radically moves her out of this sugarcoated dream world. We knew only one thing: a gamechanger is needed within half a year. Or we’re gonna get trouble . After 18 different “gurus”, Szilárd’s Co. succeeded in all this. The kid’s becoming a person finally. And that’s the point. That’s something. Thank you.

Kurucz T.


Goals, deadline, results and the knowhow. Starksil-Tech Result-Coaching is the real Partner in it.

Berek L.

(dep. dir. gen. – multinat. bank, Budapest, HUN)

I did not know what the difference was between general trainings and the options of Starksil Group. Firstly their method was strange. Different though from main stream. Nowadays both our co-workers and customers appreciate that. We wanted no change significantly. It has been the best to do it anyway inspite of the fact. We are having more and more customers. And our co-workers have been getting to like their job recently. Thank you.

Dylan T.

(man. dir.– car ind., London, UK)

With countless manager trainings behind us promises have never been lacked. For me, nevertheless, they were nothing new.  That’s a pity our partner didn’t let me know earlier this year: Starksil Coaching. Free of fluff, without general-, beneficial for nobody advice: Goal settings – Special accomplishment. That’s it. Recommended for ambitious managers in eco. crisis caused by Russia-Ukraine war. For us it worked.

Stephen L.

(procurement. dir. – electr. multin. co., London, UK)

What did we receive from Starksil Result-Coaching? Such questions would have probably never turned up by ourselves. Plus remarkably increased number of customers and 27% profit growth. Was it worth? You can bet. 14x ROI. Thank you.

Henry T. M.

(heavy ind. – dep. dir. gen., London, UK)

ENGLISH proficiency exam “C”: Passed! Anno I realised that group education is unfortunately – non-sense to say it nicer – not efficient, so I started looking for a private teacher. I’ve studied with 7, but somehow none of them could impart their knowledge UNDERSTANDABLY TO ME, except for the last one, with whom I got to this point ALMOST FROM ZERO in 9 months, even though I’m not easy to teach. I thank him again, and if you don’t want to waste your money on “futile lessons”, look for Szilárd.

Krel R.

(key account man. – intern. diplomacy)

My 14-year-old son was simply unmanageable. Either he was sitting in front of his computer or was chasing girls at Deák Square. we had better not to have looked in his certificate and it was impossible to make him do some sports. He rudely rejected any attempt to help him.
What will my child become? Neither friendly words, nor strictness helped.
Desperately, I started taking her to decent psychologists and therapists. It was in vain, nothing has changed. We had a specialist (well-known in the media) who said even if I had paid him twice as much, he wouldn’t have dealt with my son. He said we were too late, the kid is hopeless.
Then a good family friend let us know: Starksil teenager coaching. In 5 months Árpi changed significantly. As if he wasn’t my own son. 5’s at at school, he started doing athletics talking normally. Wow! Thank you very much, Szilárd.

Rogán I.


Sick and tired I am with the consulting industry. They impart such knowledge which have never been put to the test in real. But I owe a big thanks to Mr. Miczán, Starksil Group. A good exception in this ‘messy’ sector. Instant result we have got from our cooperation. I highly recommend it to the companies which want to take the next big step.

Paul S.

(editor in chief – print media)