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V-Crisis Coaching

Virus-Crisis Coaching

2020. CoVID.
10 thousands of people have lost their jobs in Hungary for the recent months. Industries disappear. Companies’ income drastically decline. Meanwhile the costs are the same or growing. What is the biggest threat? – Illiquidity.
What will the hundreds of thousands of families and children eat in the next months?
We hope yours is not affected yet. Not yet.

Media 24/7 message: Let’s be afraid. Let’s try to get restarted very slowly. Do you also think this is what to do?

The facts:
– 7.8 billion people overpopulation all around the world.
– This is not the first worldwide virus. Probably not the last.
– In history the background of global problems has always been about money.
– Previously they were resolved by wars.
– Nowadays, by media CoVID-threat message 24/7 365.

The Virus exists. The problem is real.
– But is it really as widespread as we perceive it individually?

Millennial truth: – The strong survive, the weak die.

Who keeps doing business the old way will unfortunately disappear. In 80% of cases permanently.
The reserves will run out. There will be no revenue. -> As a result: Illiquidity. Family bankruptcy.
Behold the Project: Overpopulation Regulation 2020-22.
Unfortunately the process has already begun.

Who recognizes it early and moves the right way: – They will be the Winners of the current situation. The virus is present, so careful, keeping the up-to-date precautions.

Focus on:
1) – Actual – needs of the customers
2) The Technological / Durability level of your products
3) Optimal price
Everything else falls out. Customers don’t care. They do not buy them.

Adapted to the New situation, you need to find:
– the renewed company vision, business plan
– your renewed products / services
– your staff armed with renewed, spec. (!) skills
– and by them (!) your renewed customers

It has not been easy so far. Now: it will be very heavy.

Common feature of serious social changes: We only notice them long after they have already begun.
– Which company in this unprecedented critical situation
can truly – help – you ?
– Only One.

With our help, you and your company will be strong again.
From us you will receive – such spec. help – that no other company can give you.
Spec. Practical Know-How.
Result: 6 months after our work, your company shall increase its sales revenue by (!) 20%.

Who can (and dare) offer you such volume of financial progress in Hungary?
– Nobody but us.

Who waits, will unfortunately disappear. In 80% of the cases irreversibly.
– Knock-knock, hello –
Who recognizes it early and moves the right way: – They will be the Winners of the current situation.

The Best or Nothing
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