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Sales Outsourcing

Do you want to sell Premium / Luxury products?
Saturate / fill up the market – or – your current customer base in 3-6-9 months (in the current CoVID period as well)?
Is it too expensive / time-consuming to create a sales team for it?
– or –
– Your current sales team spend too much time on it with no progress or has not been able to proceed with it at all.

Not only do we train the salesforce of different companies, but we also do sell high prestige products for our clients’ request.

– Important: Sales Outsourcing – not equal – Call-center –


What we do:

– We only sell premium / luxury products.
– Within 3 months making the sales income you set.
– With Spec. High-Performance sales techniques.
– With zero fixed fees / hidden costs.
– Commission based only.
– In Hungary only.

What we don’t do:

– We do not sell mass products / low-priced ones.
We are not a call center. They work with conveyorbelt-type scripts read out at chaingun speed. They know only a few important features of the product. They do not have no deeper, more comprehensive, more detailed answers. They use a repetitive, mechanized, robot-pilot sales strategy. (We work with customized Spec. High-Performance sales techniques. We get to know the product (and the customer) from A to Z.)
– We do not train, build, manage or support sales teams in sales outsourcing.
– We do not waste either your time or our own. If we are unable to fulfil the sales income requirements you set for 3 months, we will stop with no further claim.
– We do not ask for unconditional exclusivity.

Why is this good for you?

1) If you have a new product range and want to earn even billions in income in 3 months and go for certain.
2) If you have had low / zero sales of your current product so far and this time you want massive results.
3) You pay only in case of successful sales. Commission Based / No superfluous fixed cost.
4) Zero own sales team upkeep costs. Such as fixed wages, contributions, taxes, HR work, paid leave, cost of purchasing / renting estates-offices-premises kept up for the sales team, company cars, company phones, office equipments, technical-electric equipments, electricity and water supply fees, cleaning, guarding, epidemic protection.
5) Zero time and costs of employer branding / recruiting / keeping labour.
6) Zero time and costs of education / training .

Sales Outsourcing
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